Performing with Anggun C. Sasmi, Farel Prayoga

Performing with Anggun C. Sasmi:¬† Child singer Farel Prayoga has become the talk of netizens again after he was seen performing on stage and in a duet with the legendary singer Anggun C. Sasmi. Farel Prayoga and Anggun C Sasmi had the opportunity to perform their best duet action. Both of them performed very nicely when they performed Michael Jackson’s song Heal The World. The stage action of the two was busy stealing the attention of various parties.

Performing with Anggun C. Sasmi, Farel Prayoga

One of them was uploaded by the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN), Erick Thohir. The duet video of Anggun C Sasmi and Farel Prayoga was shared on Instagram. Farel Prayoga was seen wearing a gray suit and white sneakers. Meanwhile, Anggun C Sasmi looked super beautiful in a sparkling dress of the same color.

Farel Prayoga seems to be fluent in singing the English lyrics of the song Heal The World. The stage action was even more slick when Anggun C Sasmi joined in singing the duet. The appearance of Farel and Anggun C Sasmi certainly attracts special attention considering that they not only have different generations but also genres in music.

Different generations and genres, the duet action of Farel Prayoga and Anggun C. Sasmi when they performed the song ‘Heal The World’ succeeded in stealing the attention and praise from many parties.It’s great to be able to watch world-class singer¬† cipta live on stage with the phenomenal little singer, Farel Prayoga.

Now various comments from netizens are increasingly scattered.

The majority admired Farel Prayoga’s duet stage action with Anggun C Sasmi. Some of these netizens commented on the appearance of Farel Prayoga and Anggun C. Sasmi who were both very charming. On the other hand, not a few also appreciate Farel Prayoga for his action in singing English songs, considering that he is used to singing dangdut songs.

Farel Prayoga’s ability is no less a flood of thumbs up from the public.

The name Farel Prayoga is getting more and more talked about by netizens after appearing at the state palace to enliven the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia some time ago by singing the song ‘Ojo Compared to’. Since then, Farel Prayoga’s career as a child singer has been increasing.

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