60s Bond star George Lazenby fired from Bond music tour

Australian actor George Lazenby starred in one James Bond movie fifty years in the past. Nowadays, he was fired from a Audio of James Bond tour just after regaling his audience with remarks media describe as “offensive to the LGBTQ+ neighborhood”—and a story about that time he dragged a woman into a car or truck.

It was totally unbelievable … at just one position he named an Australian cricketer whose daughter he was chasing and he reported he dragged the daughter out of the pub and place her in the car or truck in London, which all over again is of system horrific.

A single of the odd matters about this story is that the outlets reporting it, like the BBC and The Guardian, only hint at what he essentially claimed. He was “creepy” and “homophobic”. He made “references to sexual conquests”. They guide not with what he did but his forlorn statements of apology. The resulting journalism blurs no matter what he did into the day-to-day society war above offensiveness and cost-free speech.

On a single hand, then, we could have the British media’s “under no circumstances estimate the offensive remark” problem at work—itself an expression of its draconian libel legal guidelines, middle-course fainting couches, and society of insinuation and innuendo—leading to a misinformed readership. On the other hand, it truly is not even clear if any of them know what was explained.

This is all they have:

They explained: “He used all of the interview just talking essentially about his sexual conquests, he was homophobic, he swore, he surely was not speaking about his Bond movies, he downplayed the Queen, a day right after she died.

“At 1 stage he named an Australian cricketer whose daughter he was chasing and he said he dragged the daughter out of the pub and set her in the vehicle in London, which is horrific … he named ladies he experienced slept with, and there ended up young children in the audience, and a ton families who had introduced their kids likely to their to start with classical audio concert.”

And, on Twitter:

“His stories” incorporated a person the place he shrugged off what sounded like kidnap and assault of anyone by him which remaining the victim in tears. And you imagine the people who have been offended had been the problem… Care to provide one more looking at of perusing a girl who requested repeatedly not to, physically grabbing her, placing her in a car or truck, then breaking into her hotel space and expressing after performing “it” she was “crying in opposition to the window but she deserved it”

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